Who Am I?

Posted By John Camardo on Oct 3, 2016 | 0 comments

If we can’t lead ourselves well, we have no business leading anywhere else.

Do you believe that statement? Whether you do personally or not, don’t you wish that all leaders did?

What history has proven time and again, most failures in leadership are not in the higher realms but in the first one – leading self.

Personal failure will result in leadership failure.

For more on this, check out my last post here.

This is why I believe that self-awareness is the first step in our leadership journey. I am not referring to a surface level review, but a thorough understanding of who I am, who I am becoming (which is just as important as what I do) and how I can be the best leader I can be.

We see our lives as individuals and leaders in three different quadrants that make up the whole person and impact/influence our work/life (our domain of influence):

Who Am I

Leadership – our role, responsibilities and relationships

Personality – our skills, talents, education and experiences

Spirituality – our values, beliefs and convictions

As it relates to the “personality” quadrant, Global Values uses an assessment instrument to help with this aspect called the Workplace Big Five Profile (WPB5). There are many personality assessments on the market today that serve specific purposes (e.g. MBTI, DiSC, etc.), but I have found the Big Five to be more holistic in nature and allows for more focused results (normal distribution vs. bi-modal distribution) within the five “super traits” and 23 “sub-traits” that make up the Big Five assessment. In addition, the science behind the inventory is more widely accepted in the psychology community with statistically sound data points from across the globe.

The five super traits that are assessed will help you understand how you respond compared to the general population in:

N: Need for Stability – the degree to which we respond to stress
E: Extraversion – the degree to which we tolerate sensory stimulation from people/situations
O: Originality – the degree to which we are open to new experiences / new ways of doing things
A: Accommodation – the degree to which we defer to others
C: Consolidation – the degree to which we push toward goals

This assessment and related coaching is provided through Global Values as a framework for understanding self. It also creates a baseline of information for further assessment with regard to individual leadership and leading teams. If you would like further information or would like to work with our team in this regard, please message me directly or contact us at globalvaluesintl.com

Once we begin to understand ourselves, we can then discipline and develop our ability to lead as we grow and mature in our leadership. I will dive into these concepts a bit deeper in future posts!


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