Posted By John Camardo on Oct 30, 2013 | 2 comments

Let me start out by saying…I have no idea why I am starting a blog. I am not that cool guy who has a lot of good stuff to say and just needs an outlet. Nor am I someone who desires a spotlight of any kind – that’s why I am an operations and administration guy! But, given the experiences I have had in life – both at work, at home and in my relationships, I have learned some things along the way.

Wisdom says that we are to learn from each other – whether it is through our triumphs or mistakes. So, my hope is to occasionally put some random thoughts (although not completely random) out there based on some things I have learned along the way and continue to learn as I go. I have some incredible voices speaking into my life and I don’t want to keep that wisdom to myself. To be honest, most times my ramblings are not original thoughts but rather how my mind processes the things I see and hear around me.

Here’s hoping you find something helpful…it’s been helpful to me, at least! If one person benefits from something I simply took the time to document and share, then that is a win!


  1. Way to go Johno! Work it work it 🙂

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