Who Am I as a Leader?

Posted By John Camardo on Nov 1, 2016 | 1 comment

If you didn’t catch my last post on Leading Yourself, check it out here.

Once we begin to understand ourselves, we can then make some effort to discipline and develop our ability to lead as we grow and mature in our leadership.


This is a continuous cycle of lifelong activity – understand, develop, discipline, mature. If any of these things stop, our personal development and influence will stall.

This is built on the premise that you can’t control something you don’t understand. Let me repeat that as it is a critical statement: You can’t control something you don’t understand.

Using the Workplace Big Five (WPB5) results, we provide our clients with a series of further assessments related to leadership that your personal results are pressed up against to include industry-leading leadership assessment tools such as emotional intelligence, career derailers (Center for Creative Leadership), situational leadership factors, etc.

Taking all of this information, we can begin a process to discipline and develop through planning, measurement and accountability. We help clients walk through a process to develop a personal mission statement to connect your being with your doing (and vice versa). This is a holistic exercise as it gives shape and direction to all aspects of your life. We also help you to define and describe goals or development areas for your personal mission statement and ways to ensure a measure of accountability to those goals.

Lastly, we stress the importance of seeing ongoing growth and maturity – a lifetime’s worth!

Eugene Peterson is credited for defining maturity as:

“A long obedience in the same direction”.

We agree and want to see lifelong results for our clients & team members.

One last recommendation…Mark Miller wrote a great book speaking to self-leadership called “The Heart of Leadership” where he speaks to leadership character being essential to becoming a leader people want to follow. In that book, he notes: “If your heart is not right, no one cares about your skills.” It is a quick read but well worth your time!

So, once we have begun a process to refine our ability to lead ourselves and the possessions of others, we then have to figure out how to effectively lead others in teams. More on that in my next post!

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  1. Great observations. Love Eugene Patterson stuff and will look into Miller book. Thx much & God bless.

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