Realms of Leadership

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Once we understand the truth principles, the priority of leadership, expectations of leadership and the focus of leadership, we need to understand how those apply in our context or domain. I believe there are multiple domains (or realms) to leadership:

Five Realms of Leadership

Lead Yourself – consistently leading and developing yourself

{e.g. Character, Disciplined, Teachable, Maturity}

Lead the Possessions of Others – successfully stewarding the possessions of others

{e.g. Trustworthy, Diligence, Loyalty}

Lead Others – effectively leading others in your own journey in the context of something larger

{e.g. Fair, Just, Merciful, Visionary}

Lead Other Leaders – capable of leading other leaders as they lead others, lead themselves and lead the possessions of others

{e.g. Influence, Wisdom, Coaching}

Lead with Leaders – able to function in an interdependent capacity with other leaders in broad and complex arenas

{e.g. Humility, Generosity, Love}

These realms are progressive – meaning, subsequent levels are dependent on previous levels. Each realm increases in complexity, difficulty and risk. As such, one should not be put (either by choice or by another) in a realm above the one in which they have demonstrated competency and capability. Yet this happens all the time! I’m sure you can recall a situation where someone was placed in a role they were not equipped to handle. Is it possible this has happened to you in your leadership?

The reality is, most failures in leadership are not in the higher realms but in the first one – leading self.

Personal failure will always result in leadership failure.

Leading yourself well is the foundation to all other realms of leadership.


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