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Beyond the shear fun of posting something with this title on tax day, this will be an unusual post for me as I am not focusing on anything related to leadership (per se). I could position this outlining the sacrificial nature of Christ’s substitutionary atonement (His sacrifice in our place) as an example of leadership, but I think that would cheapen what was done on our behalf.

Coming out of the Easter season as well as a number of months very intentionally studying Christian doctrine, the weightiness of the sacrifice made on our behalf is so overwhelming that I just had to put a couple thoughts out there for you to ponder. Here are a few of them:

1. Salvation is free to us but cost Jesus everything

2. Discipleship is costly to us as it requires fully submitting to Christ as Lord
– selfishness and/or partial submission implies I am a better lord than Christ

3. There is one sin that condemns us and, therefore, what we need saving from: rejection of God
– all sinful acts (plural) flow from this original sin (singular)

4. Christ still died for us and for the sins of ALL knowing full well that all wouldn’t accept him as Lord
Matthew 7:13-14 – narrow and wide gate

Think about this one…bearing the weight and consequence of all sin (past present and future) of all who ever (and will ever) live knowing many would still reject Him. This is costly!

5. Salvation was planned before the foundations of the earth (Revelation 13:8) yet God still chose to create humanity

Don’t just glance over these statements but take time to meditate on these concepts.

I’m not interested in a theological debate with anyone, but I think these are worth contemplation for anyone who calls themselves a Christ follower. More importantly, do the hard work of understanding these things for yourself. We can’t live vicariously through the faith of others – we need to own our faith. Ask questions and seek well-informed answers (particularly from the author of all wisdom).

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